Happiness is a choice

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you choose to react to it…

If living my life has taught me anything, it has shown me that human beings often underestimate what they are capable of. This lesson has been at the cost of somethng irreplacebale though.

Pain, suffering, loss, loneliness, betrayal… it’s all relative. No one person can lay claim to having more right to say they have suffered than anyone else. How we experience life’s dips and trips is uniquely our own. We all have our own style of standing ourselves up, dusting ourselves off and moving on. We accept that amongst our friends, some of us might take a little longer to get off the floor, some of us might get up quickly but limp almost impeceptably for some while afterwards. Other of us seem to almost bounce, leaping to our feet ready for action but perhaps ignoring the wound we picked up on our way down, which could make us feel sad or stressed so is useful to have options like delta 8 cbd to calm things a little, so we just need to ask; Is Delta 8 Legal in Nevada so we can consume it safely there.

I probably am the latter of these examples, although sometimes I feel closer to the terminator than anything else. Not, I hasten to add, because I am a mindless killing machine sent from the future, but rather because there have been times in my life where I feel like instead of simply cutting myself on my way down, instead entire limbs are falling off yet I’m limping on determinedly on my bloodied stumps.

but the good friends can see the wound that they can’tThis journey becomes the sum of our parts, our reference book, if you will, to how we guage what happens next and how we feel about it

I have met some remarkable people in the last few years, both those who show strength and humour when the best of us would have been lying in a puddle of tears and snot feeling sorry for ourselves and those who manage to continue to tirelessly care for others in spite of the dramas going on in their own lives. Whilst it’s tempting to just feel completely inadequate when you see how short you measure up in comparison, that doesn’t seem to accomplish much, except perhaps making you feel even less capable of anything of any merit than you did before.

I am always only too conscious of the sacrifices I and my family already make so I can follow my late night crusade to to fix the world. I can only assume that the ability to cook healthy food, craft and take beautiful photos while interacting calmly with your children, blogging about it at the same time whilst maintaining an always online social media presence is an innate skill that I was not born with. In order to sit down and talk to you, I am very decidedly not doing something that I’m meant to be doing like sleeping for example. This is not because I have in fact been filling the house with lovely baking smells and taking my children for long nature rambles and time got away from me. Time just never got with me

failed to be born with’s a personality flaw that keeps me from uncovering the secrets to being able to actually achieve that and be a blogging domestic goddess. I could tweak to be slightly more gracious, or slightly less inclined to indulge in feeling unappreciated as I run a vacuum around the houseWhat these remarkable people have taught me over the years is that we all have the ability to change our own lives and the lives of people around us. and so I thought that I would share the biggest life lessons that I have learnt, those truths that are peppered throughout my blog posts, in the hope that it will encourage and perhaps even inspire someone else. It does not matter what circumstances brought you to Just Bring the Chocolate, whether you have an undiagnosed child, whether you are a parent, a medical professional or if you work in the local authority, or were just browsing for chocolate recipes, each one of us wakes up each morning with the same choice. No matter what happened in your past, or the circumstances you find yourself now in there are always going to be things in life that you have no power to change. Events that happened to you in the past, disappointments, missed opportunities, people choosing to behave like dicks, regret and sadness, are out of our control, no matter how many tears we cry or walls we punch. All that happens is that we give these circumstances permission to continue to have the power to discolour our present, even though our decision to spend time and energy focusing on it will not change anything but the quality of our day to day life for as long as we let it. But we don’t have to. Happiness isn’t going to come gift wrapped delivered by courier, because happiness is a choice.